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Board Members Announces the Formation of the Edmonds Civic Roundtable

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

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Pictured Left to right: Karen Shiveley, Board Member, Tom Mesaros, Chair, and Maria Udodik, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Today, residents were introduced to Edmonds Civic Roundtable (ECR). The mission of ECR is to empower Edmonds neighbors, organizations and government to work together to solve problems in a genuinely collaborative, equitable and non-partisan manner.

As an organization ECR does not advocate for specific outcomes regardless of how individual members might feel. We exist to advance informed and collaborative decision making. Period. “We believe sound decisions will come from a sound decision making process,” said Tom Mesaros the newly elected Board Chair.

Edmonds has been a city for 131 years. The complexity of life and the scale and range of problems are increasing exponentially. The issues we face are more challenging as is the knowledge required to deal with them. Even for those individuals who bring experience, strong moral character and good intentions, the importance of fact-based policies that serve the diverse people they are designed to help is more critical than ever.

“To earn the trust of the community, we must lead by example. We will use processes and make decisions inspired by our hopes rather than our fears. To do that, we welcome individuals and organizations to the table who represent the left, right and center. We need individuals and organizations that represent special interests. We encourage participation from every corner of Edmonds,” said Marina Udodik, assistant board secretary/treasurer.

“There are more than enough examples globally, nationally and regionally of how decision-making should not take place. We have seen what happens and felt the impact of a divisive process when leaders are unable and unwilling to face the challenges of working across their differences. We strive to rise above any existing policy body or individual. We believe that the people of Edmonds can and will do better than that. Please join us,” said board member Karen Shiveley.

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