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“Empowering Neighbors Through Unbiased Information”


Our Mission

Principle & Values

  • Empowering Neighbors Through Information  

  • What we do: Help Edmonds voters and  policymakers make informed decisions

  • What we won’t do: Advocate for specific outcomes or candidates

 Together we make a difference! We look forward to hearing from you!

ECR was established - April of 2021

 Edmonds Civic Roundtable 

Our Early History to Today 

September 25, 2023 

A group of Edmonds residents, approximately 35, came together out of frustration with city government and began meeting in April 2020, typically on Zoom, once or twice a month. Tom Mesaros (former city councilmember) was asked to become the group facilitator. At the time, the individuals expressed many opinions and were of various political persuasions: independents, democrats, and republicans. The initial common objectives discussed were: 

  • Discover what could be done to improve our city government 

  • Increase transparency 

  • Keep Edmonds elected positions non-partisan 

  • Find quality individuals to run for public office 

  • And discover if there was a way to recall the mayor 


Ensure Nonpartisan, Good Government!

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