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“Empowering Neighbors Through Unbiased Information”

Our Mission

Edmonds Civic Roundtable [ECR] is an independent, non-partisan 501c3 nonprofit organization, made up of people throughout Edmond's community.  Some have lived here their entire lives, while others are newer members of our community. 


Together we bring a wide range of skills, passion, experience and knowledge to the effort of working to obtain the best possible outcomes from our City leaders and the issues that are presented, from budgets to policy.  We strive for a good government process, one that is transparent; starts with the issue or challenge, includes stakeholders, provides input, and finds reasonable solutions that are of benefit to our community.

As an organization, we are committed to being inclusive and diverse, valuing individuals from all walks of life. As a non-partisan organization, we are also inclusive of the different political affiliations, as we cannot move forward without recognizing the reality of diverse opinions.  Together we make a difference! We look forward to hearing from you.


Principle & Values

Our Vision

Ensure Nonpartisan, Good Government!

  • Purpose: Empowering Neighbors Through Information  

  • What we do: Help: Edmonds voters and  policymakers make informed decisions

  • What we won’t do: Advocate for specific outcomes or candidates

We Need Your Support: Join - Participate - Volunteer - Donate!

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