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Our leadership team consists of citizens just like you, who are working to present relevant and non-partisan information to the voting community. 

What We Do

We strive to provide balanced and objective information to our residents, media, elected and appointed officials, and other stakeholders in our community to assist in making informed decisions with a focus on the public safety, fiscal, social, infrastructure, and environmental issues that impact daily ourlives in Edmonds.

Link to Bylaws

Directors, Officers & Committees

  • Gil Morgan - Chair

  • Carl Zapora - Vice Chair

  • Pete Spear – Secretary-Treasurer

  • Kathy Ehrlich - Asst. Treasurer

  • Tom Mesaros – Immediate Past Chair

  • Jay Grant

  • Roger Pence

  • Natalie Foskey

  • Kathy Ehrlich

  • Chrissy Roberts

  • Teresa Simanton

  • Mackey Guenther

  • Pat Moriarty

Nominations Committee

Tom Mesaros, Jay Grant and Pete Spear

Finance Committee Chair

Pete Spear

Program Committee Chair

Pat Moriarty

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Gil Morgan, Chair

Andrew (Gil) Morgan Jr. is the CEO of Vortex Technologies. His aviation and aerospace experience spans more than 40 years serving as a Co-founder of Propeller Investments, President and COO of World Airways, Chief Operations Officer of Eos Airlines, EVP of Propeller Airports, as well as other leadership positions in planning, operations, engineering, finance, and real estate.

Membership Committee Chair

Teresa Simanton

Communications Committee Chair

Board Emeritus

Dave Earling

Let’s Work Together
To Educate Voters

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