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June 6
7:00 PM

Behind the Scenes of Civic Leadership: Boards and Commissions at Work in Edmonds

Dive into the heart of our local governance at the Edmonds Civic Roundtable event. Discover the critical roles that the City of Edmonds Boards and Commissions play in our government's framework.

It's your opportunity to learn about these vital bodies that shape policies and make decisions affecting all of us. Join us for an informative evening that takes you behind the scenes.

This gathering is not just about listening; it's about engaging and understanding how you can get involved too.

Seating is limited—so if you're curious about how our city ticks and want to make a difference, make sure to join us. Let's demystify governance together!  

July 11
5:30 PM

Shaping Edmonds' Future:
An Evening with Legislator Strom Peterson

Want to understand how state decisions impact our city? Join us for a special evening with Representative Strom Peterson, where he'll share insights on the legislative processes affecting us all.

This event offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from a long-standing Edmonds resident who's shaping the future at the state level. Whether you're interested in housing, transportation, or staying informed on civic matters, this talk will provide valuable insights into how our city is evolving.

Registration details coming soon!

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