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Edmonds Housing

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

A Cool Discussion on a Hot Topic

The Edmonds Civic Roundtable [ECR] held a virtual public forum on September

26, 2021, to further engage the citizens of Edmonds on the hot topic of housing. This issue came about from the Edmonds Housing Commission, which was made up of selected Edmonds citizens. Those recommendations were forwarded to the Mayor’s Office for consideration. One of the several recommendations to date has been implemented. However, this topic, based on some of the recommendations has caused a stir with the community. ECR first held a member forum on August 23, 2021, and this public forum a month later.

Below is a summary, a video of the two-hour forum, and a link to the full document that was sent to Mayor Mike Nelson by ECR Chair Tom Mesaros.

Sensing community confusion and frustration over issues related to housing in Edmonds, and the recommendations of the Citizen Housing Commission, Edmonds Civic Roundtable hosted a community discussion. The session was titled “A Cool Discussion About a Hot Topic: Housing in Edmonds.”

The session was structured around these six objectives:

  1. Provide facts related to the affordability of housing in the area.

  2. Create a baseline of understanding of the recommendations presented by the Citizens Housing Commission (CHC).

  3. Provide background on the process that led to the creation of the CHC and the options facing the council when considering their recommendations.

  4. Provide a forum for individuals to ask questions and share opinions.

  5. Provide comments to the Mayor and Council Members for their use and consideration.

  6. Inform participants of opportunities to engage in the governing process.

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