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Requires Citizen

Good Government is one that provides transparency and inclusion. 

In effect a simple method to improve the governmental processes and create healthy, thriving communities.


Components of Good Government Practices 

How Government Process Should Work:

  • Inclusive – brings more voices to the discussion

  • Analytic – fact and evidence based

  • Financially sound – uses public funds responsibly 

Public Government Best Practices:

  • Involves community stakeholders – who participates?

  • Defines the problem together –  what, precisely, is the problem we are trying to solve?

  • Identifies potential solutions – how might we solve the problem?

  • Defines costs and benefits to potential solutions – how much will our potential solutions cost in time, money, etc? 

  • Selects optimum solution collaboratively – debate and discussion is encouraged.

  • Determines effectiveness – how will we define and measure results?

  • Iterates to improve outcomes – measures outcomes and adjusts approach as needed.

The way our
government should work!

Good policy should not be placed ahead of politics. Analysis and inclusive public participation is the goal.


  • Define the problem

  • Don't start with a preconceived “fix” in mind

  • Don't commit to a specific outcome

  • Work towards the best possible community solution

  • Think creatively to solve the communities problems

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively 

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