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Our mission is to empower neighbors through information.  Together, we make a difference! 

Did you know? Member donations assist us in paying for items from the events at the Waterfront Center  and for Supplies - We Appreciate Your Support!

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May Event:
May 2nd 5:30 PM 
Topic: Beyond Policing - How Edmonds Supports Citizens in Need 
Location: Waterfront Center


Sandra Meers - Jean Kim Foundation:  not pictured

Past Event April 4th
Mayor Rosen Interacts with the  Community

Michelle Bennett- 
Edmonds Police Chief 

Lisa Edwards- Verdant Health Superindendant

Kellie Lewis-Edmonds Food Bank

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 9.40.02 AM.png

The surprises and challenges of my first three months as Mayor.
Some of the highlights of the ECR Forum, where the Mayor discussed a range of topics: 

  • Mayor Rosen discussed the challenges he faced in his first 3 months in office, including a $20 million budget deficit. He emphasized improving communication and engagement with the community.

  • The city faces infrastructure and facility needs but must make difficult budget decisions. Zero-based budgeting aims to prioritize core services.

  • The comprehensive plan update is underway to comply with state growth management laws, which mandate increases in housing density. Finding appropriate locations is challenging.

  • Improving processes for public input was discussed, as the current system can be confusing. The mayor is committed to ensuring all voices are heard equally.

  • Edmonds faces regional issues like other cities, but the mayor sees the community's sense of caring for one another as its strength. Working together, solutions can be found.


Review the two videos below in our News & Forum Section:

The first is one hour and includes his presentation,

and then questions moderated by Ray Laiw;  

The Second video is 30 minutes of audience and question and answers. 

Several videos are available on the ECR YouTube Channel

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“Empowering Neighbors Through Unbiased Information”



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