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Mayor Elect Rosen Addresses the Public at ECR Event

In his first appearance after the election and as the presumed Major Elect with a ten point lead, Mike Rose addressed a large crowd at the Edmond Civic Roundtable (ECR) forum, held at the Edmonds Waterfront Center.

ECR Chair Tom Mesaros opened the forum and first introduced ECR Membership Committee Chair Teresa Simanton, who outlined upcoming events and the goals of ECR in bringing information to the community.

Then Mesaros offered, "While it's great to lead the county in voter participation, I wish it could be higher," Mesaros added. "And that's where this organization – the Edmonds Civic Roundtable – comes in. Our goal is to empower our neighbors, voters, and government officials to make informed decisions based on accurate, unbiased information. Despite the misconceptions of some, the ECR does not advocate for candidates or political positions. Our sole purpose is to help and encourage our neighbors to make informed decisions and participate in city government by providing solid, useful information on local issues." He then offered anyone who thinks differently to get involved and see for themselves.

Next Mesaros outlined the evening format, stating that Rosen would offer some of his views and perspective, followed by a listening period, having the audience members tell Rosen their thoughts and ideas, followed by a question and answer period.

Rosen began by stating, "I first want to thank everyone who voted for me – and everyone who didn't, "the important thing is not which candidate you chose to support, but that you studied and sifted through the information, made your decision, and then voted. People pay attention here in our community – they're engaged and they want to make a difference." He went on to stress that elected offices in Edmonds – including the mayor – are non-partisan and that he will remain committed to that principle.

His speech emphasized the need for community engagement, transparency, and fiscal responsibility. He stressed the importance of building relationships with the community, council, staff, and regional partners to address the challenges faced by Edmonds. Rosen also highlighted the need for transparency in communication and sharing information, good or bad. Additionally, he mentioned the importance of fiscal responsibility in addressing the budget emergency and other challenges faced by the community.

After Rosen's comments, audience members were invited to step up to the microphone to speak about the issues that concerned them, followed by a question and answer period.

The final question ended the event on a high note. It came from Rosen’s wife, Sharon Howard. “I have just one question,” she said with a laugh. “Are you ever going to be home?”

Pictures by Larry Vogel, My Edmonds News

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