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Port Commissioner District 3


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Secretary-General, International Organization of Airport and Seaport Police (INTERPORTPOLICE); U.S. Port Authority Federal Counsel; Director U.S. Port Security Council; Consultative representative UN/International Maritime Organization (IMO); U.S. Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) – law enforcement liaison, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – stakeholder liaison;

Led joint U.S. and international effort in the Brussels Airport bombing aftermath incident review, coordinated U.S. and international summits, comprehensive training programs, collaborative tabletop exercises, and port authority audits. Also served as a subject matter expert in the United States working with Congress, and with the Europeans Union’s (EU) in maritime policy, security, counterterrorism and technology.

Most recently, managed and co-authored an international best practice for community security and incident management for aviation and maritime port authorities, critical infrastructure, and mass environments (safe city) including stakeholder collaboration and communications requirements.


W: https://jaygrant.org


Awards & Recognition

International Police and Public Safety Medal recipient, Washington General - State of Washington

“My years of port authority experience, dedication to finding solutions from policy to operations in a collaborative manner, ensuring stewardship and transparency in protecting the environment will serve me well in providing leadership for the benefit of our community.”

I have a great passion for our community, and it would be an honor to represent the citizens of Woodway and Edmonds as the Port Commissioner for District 3. We have a waterfront and community that requires leaders who will work together addressing issues inclusively and with transparency. My two decades working within the port authority sector will benefit our community as a commissioner.

From the responsibility of economic development to stewardship of our environment, we must look positively toward the future, provide economic growth, and ensure balance with environmental requirements, as we must not harm and continually work to protect and improve. To me, that is the way to address Edmond’s community interests through transparency, collaboration, communication, and education.

My professional experience includes serving in senior positions and as an advisor at the state, federal and international levels. I look forward to using my skills for the benefit of our community.

Community Service: Chair, Morrone 9/11 Center; Legislative Advisor, Crime Stoppers USA and Global; Secretary/Treasurer, Edmonds Civic Roundtable;

Education: Northeastern University – Financial Risk Management; Woodway High School;

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