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Citizens of the Community are Our Business

Making a difference does not just happen.  It takes people, and we can contribute differently, each way we help is important.  Our mission is to educate candidates and our citizens about how good government works.  That we can work together in a nonpartisan effort to address and solve our challenges. And we invite you to help.

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Become a Member:

The annual single membership fee is $50, Click here to join.

The annual family membership fee is $80, Click here to join.

We also can use help on several of our committees – regardless of how you help, we thank you!

We need help to accomplish our tasks, volunteer:

Accounts AssistantOperations
Policy and IssuesResearch
Social Media ManagerCommunications
Webmaster and editorial updatesOperations
Membership & SponsorsMembership
Program & Event Team memberPrograms & Events
Event managerProgram & Events
Candidates and IssuesEducation

Interested in volunteering for one of the Committees, please click here to submit your information.

Looking to Run for an Elected Position?

If you are interested in considering running for an elected position please click please click here to submit an inquiry.

Contact Edmonds Civic Roundtable:

E: [email protected]

P.O. Bos 326

Edmonds WA 98020

The primary election is over, and we have winners who will be certified on August 17th by the Washington Secretary of State.  We will be updating the General Election candidates.
The General Election Race officially begins on August 18th!

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