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How We Are Different

We organize and frame relevant information in an unbiased manner to allow stakeholders to evaluate their options, especially when opposing preferences and perspectives are likely to inflict pressures intended to influence outcomes.

Principles & Values

  • Purpose: Empowering Neighbors Through Information 
  • Vision: Ensure Nonpartisan, Good Government 
  • What we do: Help: Edmonds voters and  policymakers make informed decisions
  • What we won’t do: We will not advocate for specific outcomes or candidates

It’s All About Edmonds

It’s really about the people of the community in Edmonds, those who live here, those who own business in Edmonds, and even those who don’t but want to contribute to Edmonds.  After all it is us, our families and our future.


We are an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit 501c3 organization made up of people throughout Edmonds.  Some of us have lived here our entire life, and some are new members of our community.  Together we bring a wide range of skills, passion, experience and knowledge to the effort of encouraging qualified leadership and working to obtain the best possible outcomes for all of our neighborhoods, residents, and businesses.

We are committed to being a diverse organization that values all people, including but not limited to those of any age, race. ethnicity, matinal origin, color, social-economic status, gender, physical ability, cognitive diversity, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation. 



We strive to provide balanced and objective information to our residents, media, elected and appointed officials and other stakeholders in our community to assist in making informed decisions with a focus on the public safety, fiscal, social, infrastructure, and environmental issues that impact daily lives in Edmonds. We do this work through research, public testimony, position papers, correspondence, and articles through media, public workshops, and forums.  And, through collaboration with individuals and community groups, we identify and educate candidates for public office who strive for and seek inclusive, objective, fact-based problem solving as part of our nonpartisan local government.

Edmonds Civic Roundtable Bylaws
Link to PDF

Chair, Tom Mesaros

Chair’s Welcome Statement

Board of Directors & Officers

  • Tom Mesaros – Chair
  • Cal Zapora – Vice Chair
  • Jay Grant – Secretary-Treasurer
  • Marina Udodik –  Asst. Secretary-Treasurer
  • Ron Clyborne – Immediate Past Chair*
  • Karen Shiveley
  • Gil Morgan
  • Dave Earling
  • Mike Rosen
  • Steve Johnston
  • Rod Schick

The Board consists of 15 authorized positions.  Each serving a three-year staggered term.

*Due to recent organization, the position of immediate past president was filled as an honorary position as it has governance and nomination responsibilities that needed to be addressed based on the bylaws, thus the Board made an appointment to the initial position.

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