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Port Commissioner - At Large District 5

(425) 478-1185

[email protected]


Elected Experience

Edmonds Port Commissioner – District 5

Other Professional Experience
Environmental project manager and permitting specialist with a leading regional engineering firm, retired as CEO (30 years);

U.S. Navy officer with extensive maritime experience (30 years);

Washington Public Ports Association (25 years);

Washington State Orca Task Force; Board member/Chair, Washington State engineering and business organizations (12 years);

American Council of Engineering Companies (Washington) Engineering Excellence Awards (includes environmental projects), judge (6 years);

44-years as a resident of the Port District.

Bachelor of City Planning, University of Virginia; extensive coursework in engineering and environmental project and company management.

Community Service
Edmonds Arts Festival volunteer; Pacific Little League Coach; EWHS Steering Committee (business representative).


It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Port Commissioner for the past 5 years.  During this period, the Port has continued to enhance our marina and waterfront amenities; provide community recreational and economic opportunities; and expand tourism through a vibrant waterfront, highly successful whale watching operation, and music and arts events.

Sustainable environmental stewardship of Edmonds' precious waterfront is a key Port and personal priority. I have been instrumental in reviewing and updating the Port's environmental practices and policies, including greening of our buildings, improving stormwater treatment, and eliminating the use of pesticides and herbicides in our nearshore environment. The Port meets or exceeds all environmental requirements and standards and is recognized as an environmental leader among public ports.

The impressive revenues generated by our marina and commercial ventures, combined with our aggressive control of expenses and bonding costs, now allow us to move forward with the reconstruction and beautification of the north seawall and highly popular waterfront Portwalk. My port project and environmental experience uniquely qualifies me to help guide this effort. 

I would greatly appreciate your vote to continue the Port's unparalleled record of success and community contribution--because experience and qualifications matter.

I have a degree in Planning, 35-years of professional experience as an environmental consultant, 10 years of experience as CEO of a major regional engineering and environmental firm, and 30 years of experience as a U.S. Naval officer. This experience, along with my extensive specific experience managing environmental and engineering projects for public ports (including the Port of Edmonds) uniquely qualifies me to continue serving as Port Commissioner. I am a 25-plus year member of the Washington Public Ports Association, and most recently represented public ports as a member of the Governor’s Southern Resident Killer Whale (Orca) Task Force.

Oversight and completion of the Port’s two planned major capital projects. Over the next 5 years, a major Port challenge will be successfully reconstructing the deteriorating North Seawall and improving and beautifying the overlying Portwalk (promenade) to enhance public access and amenities. We will also be constructing a new administration/maintenance building to the east of Anthony’s. This building will be built to LEED standards, incorporating environmentally-friendly materials, construction practices, and solar energy, among other features. We will also be razing the old administrative building to facilitate public amenities and improve access to the waterfront. These projects will require analysis of funding sources and careful management of consultant teams to completion. • Continuing to sustain and maintain our 5-star marina as it ages. • Continuing greening of the Port’s practices, buildings, facilities, and operations • Continuing to strengthen the Port’s exceptional financial performance • Orderly and effective transitions and succession of key Port employees as they may occur.

I am a member of the Washington Public Ports Association (serving as Orca Task Force representative); Edmonds Civic Roundtable (Director); American Council of Engineering Companies, Washington (Judge, annual Engineering Excellence Awards, past Board member and Chair); Edmonds Art Festival (volunteer). I am a former member of the Association of Washington Business, where I served on the Board for 8 years.

With the commencement of the permitting processes for the North Seawall reconstruction/Portwalk improvements and the Port’s new administrative/maintenance building, my environmental permitting and engineering/environmental project management experience will be a highly valuable asset to the Port over the next 5 years. But as important, I ask the voters to look at my record (and the record of the Port) over the past 5 years. Over this period, we have enjoyed ever-increasing financial success through our marina and commercial building enterprises, allowing us to improve public access to the waterfront and increase the quality of the waterfront experience, maintain and improve our 5-star marina, improve our commercial buildings (including incorporation of environmentally friendly and energy efficient features), reduce contamination in our stormwater and boatyard runoff, eliminate the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides in our near-water areas, and simply add value to the publicly owned Port. This is your Port, and I am honored to be part of the excellent Commission and staff entrusted with its stewardship and success on your behalf. I ask for your vote to continue our momentum.

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