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As we emerge from a global pandemic, I have a new appreciation for how important our local Snohomish County Hospital District is to the health of our community. I am committed to preserve, protect and defend our health care services for the benefit of all. My education and experience in health care policy and budget management has prepared me for this role. Connections between government, academia and the private sector are essential if we want these entities to act together in the best interest of our community. I am enthusiastic about promoting community-based learning and research initiatives, collaborations that engage citizens from the very young to the very old in behaviors that improve health. My training and experience in research development and administration at a public institution of higher education has led me to take this step and run for Hospital District Commissioner. I will be a responsible steward of our public funds. If elected, I will serve with integrity and work hard to earn your trust, remaining open to hearing your thoughts and concerns. Let’s work together to promote health and wellness – both now and far into the future.


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